Health and Wellbeing Among Chronically Homeless Women (a needs assessment and support project for homeless women living in Pima County) (SIROW conducts evaluation and services).

Hermanas Building Confidence, Readiness, Empowerment, Action, Transformation and Employment for Women (a project to promote social inclusion and well-being of chronically homeless women) (SIROW conducts program and evaluation).   

Dragonfly Project (project to provide an array of integrated services and supports designed to reduce homelessness among individuals and persons in families who experience homelessness in Pima County) (SIROW conducts evaluation).

Health Home Hope (H3) Project (a project to end the cycle of homelessness for households experiencing long-term unsheltered homelessness through expansion, integration, and coordination of local community behavioral health, physical health, and housing support systems) (SIROW conducts evaluation).      

The Lighthouse Project (designed to link homeless LGBTQ+ youth and young adults to a trauma-informed system of care) (SIROW conducts outreach, program, and research).

Pima County Homeless Street Count Research Design and Methodology (a research project to design the  methodology for counting people who are experiencing homelessness to better assess the extent of the problem in our community) (SIROW conducts research, analyzes collected data, and leads the Pima County Street Count Workgroup).