Collaborate with SIROW

How to Collaborate

Partnering with SIROW

SIROW has unique expertise in:

  • Research methodology
  • Program design, implementation, and program evaluation
  • Collaborative partnerships to increase community capacity, infrastructure, and advocacy
  • Training, technical assistance, and workforce development
  • Grant writing
  • Sexual Health Intervention

If you are interested in partnering with SIROW, drawing on our unique expertise, please contact Josephine Korchmaros, SIROW Director, at or 520-621-3330.

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers at SIROW! To ensure a useful, full experience, we require a minimum commitment of 64 hours over 4 months (a semester), or 4 hours per week for 16 weeks. Project-specific volunteer opportunities might require a different level of commitment and might have additional requirements. 

Volunteer opportunities range from office-based research and administration to direct client support services.

Desired characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Positive
  • Reliable
  • Transportation for off campus volunteer opportunities
  • If working with youth, willing to undergo a background check

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with us, please contact Josephine Korchmaros, SIROW Director, at or 520-621-3330.

Applied Research & Direct Service Internship Opportunities

The SIROW Applied Research & Direct Service Internship is an opportunity to work with multiple SIROW researchers and staff on tasks related to multiple research projects to best meet your interests, develop your skills, as well as meet the needs of the projects.

In an internship with SIROW you will work on a team and gain experience relating to topics such as research, program evaluation, justice systems, substance abuse, evidence-based practices, systems of care, and sexuality education. Interns will learn about qualitative and quantitative research methods and work on related tasks, such as transcribing interviews, developing content for presentations, data entry and analysis, conducting literature reviews, and writing reports.

The work on these projects benefits people of diverse groups who experience social inequities and health disparities, such as low-income and of racial and/or ethnic minority groups. These projects help members of these groups address significant challenges, such as substance use and involvement in the justice system, by providing them treatment and services and by generating knowledge to improve service provision and treatment. 

Desired Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Responsible, punctual, detailed oriented
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Interest in and motivation to learn and reflect on content area of internship
  • Ability to work with a diverse team
  • Knowledge and skills using various Microsoft Office products

If you are interested in internship opportunities with us, please contact Josephine Korchmaros, SIROW Director, at or 520-621-3330.

The SIROW Regional Network

Through the SIROW Regional Network, we connect and collaborate with numerous institutions of higher education in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and the U.S.-Mexico border region. Each member institution is represented by its sitting gender and women studies department head or unit director.

As a resource to these institutions, SIROW offers our unique expertise. We have a strong track record in obtaining grants from government agencies and private foundations, which means collaboration with SIROW can enhance funding prospects. 

We also initiate team research, faculty development, and outreach projects, and we welcome visiting scholars and participants in these activities. 

We can provide library and internet access, some support for telephone and copying charges, and office space on an availability basis.
We also convene an annual meeting where partners come together to brainstorm, plan, and network about how best to support one another, our faculty, and our students.

If you represent a gender and women studies department or unit at an institute of higher education in the southwest U.S. or in the U.S.-Mexico border region and are interested in joining the SIROW Regional Network, please contact Claudia Powell at