Strategic Plan

SIROW Strategic Plan 2019

SIROW Strategic Plan 2019

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SIROW envisions a society in which the well-being of women and families is paramount, resulting in their equity, empowerment, and prosperity.

Read the full strategic plan document to learn more about SIROW, including goals, objectives, action steps, indicators, and stakeholder input.

Strategic Plan Map

Advance Projects to Address Social Inequities and Group-based Disparities

  • Initiate new projects that are responsive to current and emergent social inequities and group-based disparities.
  • Broaden SIROW’s funding base for new projects by securing funding from at least three new funding sources.

Promote SIROW as a Premier Innovative Resource and Research Institute

  • Develop a holistic marketing strategy for SIROW.
  • Implement strategies to increase visibility of SIROW.
  • Disseminate information about SIROW projects, accomplishments, findings, and impact.

Contribute SIROW Expertise as an Innovative Resource

  • Contribute to the teaching missions of the University of Arizona and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Influence research and policy agendas through involvement in university, local, and national decision-making organizations.
  • Further expand the contribution of SIROW’s expertise in program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Engage Allies and Build Collaborative Relationships

  • Create new and maintain existing partnerships.
  • Utilize the SIROW and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Community Advisory Boards to engage allies.
  • Utilize the SIROW Regional Partner Group to engage allies.