SIROW Researchers Participate in the InWomen Conference's 10th Anniversary Meeting

Dr. Sally Stevens, Dr. Josephine Korchmaros, and Ms. Claudia Powell furthered SIROW’s work addressing gender-based disparities in substance use and sexual risk by participating in the 10th anniversary meeting of the International Woman’s and Children’s Health and Gender Group Conference (InWomen Conference) held in Montreal, Canada on June 16. They co-chaired the conference’s discussion table on LGBTQ and Substance Use: Factors Associated with Use and Recovery. In addition, they presented their and colleagues work on (1) What does Law Enforcement and Victim Services Data Tell us about Sex Trafficking in the U.S./Mexico Borderland? The Role of Substance Use (Stevens & Black), (2) Structural Interventions in Myanmar to Advance Women’s Economic Independence to Reduce Substance Use and Other Health Risk Behavior (Korchmaros, Stevens, & Fitzsimmons); (3) Trans-Women and Trauma: Addressing Substance Use Disparities and Risks Facing Young Transgender Women (Powell, Waters & Brinley), and (4) Female Sex Workers in Belize: Substance Use, HIV Risk, and Prevention Activities (Pope, Castellanos, Stevens, & Korchmaros).

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