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Until further notice, the University of Arizona, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, encourages all employees to work remotely. Our offices are closed to the public, but you can reach the Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW), Monday–Friday 8am-5pm:

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New SIROW Publication

Drs. Josephine Korchmaros and Kristen Hedges (current and former researchers at the University of Arizona’ Southwest Institute for Research on Women, respectively) published their new article on Pubertal Timing and Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: An Analysis of Early Menarche on Substance Use Patterns in the Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse.

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Josephine (Jo) D. Korchmaros is the Director of Research Methods and Statistics at the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW). Dr. Korchmaros received her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Social Psychology with a concentration on research methods and statistics. Dr. Korchmaros is involved with many of SIROW’s projects. She is dedicated to working on research designed to have a direct positive impact on quality of life of women and youth.

Kristen Hedges received her Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology from Oregon State University, her thesis investigated the HIV vulnerability of Maasai women. Since moving to Tucson she has worked on substance abuse issues among adolescents as a research specialist at the Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW).  She plans to broaden her research interests in reproductive health issues and investigate how the timing of puberty affects substance abuse treatment outcomes for female adolescents in the US.

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