Katie Haverly and Josephine Korchmaros Present Findings from their Evaluation of the Community and School Garden Program (CSGP)

The University of Arizona’s (UA) Community and School Garden Program’s (CSGP’s) mission is to enhance teaching and learning through incorporation of school gardens into the academic curriculum. To understand the value and impact of the CSGP, CSGP staff partnered with Josephine Korchmaros and Katie Haverly at SIROW to evaluate the impact of CSGP on K-12 students, K-12 teachers, and UA student interns involved in CSGP.

Katie Haverly and Josephine Korchmaros recently presented findings from their evaluation to the CSGP team. Findings indicate that students, teachers and interns involved with CSGP felt that it fostered a sense of connection and well-being, and offered positive educational and behavioral benefits. The CSGP team will utilize evaluation findings to make adjustments to CSGP, as well as to communicate with funders and policymakers about the benefits of CSGP.



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