2016 SIROW Regional Meeting

SIROW's 2016 Regional Heads and Directors Meeting took place January 29th and 30th, generously hosted by the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. With over 30 attendees, it is by far one of the largest regional meetings to date. Gender and Women's Studies department heads came from Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico to share challenges, successes, and advice for building rigorous academic programs in the Southwest which attend to the growing needs of an activist/academic student base.

Attendees included:

Alicia Giralt - Weber State (Utah)
Ann Austin - Utah State University
Konie Humphries - Utah State University
Stephanie Bagnell - Utah State University
Shobha Gurung - Souther Utah University
Susie Porter - University of Utah - Salt Lake City
Kim Hackford-Peer - University of Utah - Salt Lake City
Valerie Hegstrom - Brigham Young University (Utah)

Christine Talbot - University of Nothern Colorado
Geoffrey Bateman - Regis University (Colorado)
Arlene Sgoutas - Metropolitan State University (Colorado)
Hava Gordon - University of Denver (Colorado)
Lorraine Bayard de Volo - University of Colorado - Boulder

Joanne Goodwin - University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Anita Revilla - University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Lynn Comella - University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Jen Hill - University of Nevada - Reno
Deborah Boehm - University of Nevada - Reno

Jackie Salcedo - University of Texas - Austin
Charlotte Dunham - Texas Tech University
Gina Nuñez - University of Texas - El Paso

New Mexico:
Emma Bailey - Western New Mexico State University
Lydia Huerta - Western New Mexico State UniversityKristie Ross - New Mexico Highlands University
Erika Derkas - New Mexico Highlands University
Kristie Ross - New Mexico Highlands University
Laura Ahn Williams - New Mexico State University

Sheila Nair - Northern Arizona University
Sally Stevens - University of Arizona - SIROW


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