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Tribal Partnership

Current Projects

Pascua Yaqui Tribal Expansion Project (PYTEP)

Contact: Claudia Powell (

The PYTEP is a treatment system expansion project for Pascua Yaqui adolescents aged 9 to 21 years old. The project will reach out and develop a coordinated network for clinical and primary prevention services based on evidence based approaches in the specific target populations. The project will expand the service approach of the current Sewa Uusim System of Care project by providing a sustainable network of care across all tribal departments and services child focused, family guided, culturally appropriate services from primary care though trauma/substance abuse recovery programs. The three main goals of the PYTEP:

Goal 1: To utilize a system of care model to develop and strengthen community and culturally based services to Yaqui children and families using equine, recovery and parenting and trauma focused services.

Goal 2: To increase sustainability efforts, including financial planning, social marketing and enhanced client data measures and analysis to enhance decision making related to systems of care program services.

Goal 3: To integrate systems of care principles into the existing tribal wide network or providers capable of providing Systems of Care (SOC) informed and trauma focused services, enhancing infrastructure and training opportunities.

For more information, Click HERE.


Ili Uusim Hiapsi ~ Project LAUNCH

Contact: Claudia Powell (

Ili Uusim Hiapsi promotes the wellness of tribal children from birth to eight years of age by supporting their physical, social, emotional, thinking and behavioral development. It works to create a shared vision with parents and caregivers for the health and happiness of young children. This SAMHSA grant will work to educate families and caregivers about ages and stages of early development and will supply hands-on activities that encourage fun and learning. We will share tools and tips for smooth parenting as well as provide optional screenings that identify children’s strengths. The screenings and auxiliary activates are to assist families with small children on their child and families continued growth.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact Ili Uusim Hiapsi staff at (520) 879-6181. 

To view the Project LAUNCH logo, click HERE.




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