Josephine Korchmaros, Ph.D.

About Josephine Korchmaros, Ph.D.

Dr. Korchmaros is Director of the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW). Since earning her doctoral degree in Social Psychology with a focus on quantitative research methods in 2003, Dr. Korchmaros has developed, implemented, evaluated, and provided training and technical assistance for multiple grant-funded research projects of importance to underserved populations (e.g., racial/sexual minorities including women/girls and Native American populations). Her research has focused on treatment models; reduction of risk behaviors; addressing group-based (e.g., culture and gender identification) health disparities; and system and policy improvement in such areas as sexual health, substance use, and justice-involvement.

Dr. Korchmaros takes a research-to-practice focus, aiming to a) disseminate research findings in a timely manner using multiple mediums and outlets; b) increase the extent to which practice is informed by research; and c) encourage policy change and funding programs informed by current research and knowledge. She has produced peer-reviewed research briefs, trainings, papers, implementation tools, and presentations concerning accurate identification of service need within underrepresented and disadvantaged populations, effectively addressing such need, and health-related behavior change.

Dr. Korchmaros also has extensive experience conducting and assisting others to conduct culturally-informed intervention and research. She has developed theoretically-based health-related behavior interventions for different populations and has informed the field about the particular influencing factors related to health-related behavior among particular populations. Finally, Dr. Korchmaros’ work has informed the field about the practice of implementing culturally-informed intervention and research, such as with her guide for conducting program evaluation among Native American populations.

Dr. Korchmaros has particular expertise in:

  • health-related behavior change intervention
  • culturally-informed programming
  • research methodology
  • statistical analysis
  • process, outcome, and cost evaluation

Curriculum Vitae


National Cross-Site Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Court and Reclaiming Futures

HerStory To Health: Woman’s HIV, STD, Hepatitis B and C, and Mental Health Drug Treatment Enhancement and Program Expansion Project

Working Poor Mothers of Minors (MOMs)

i-Team: A Treatment Systems Approach for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Step Forward

Las Rosas

Evidenced-Based Models for Youth: Testing the Efficacy on Substance Abuse, Trauma, & Justice Outcomes Project (EbTX Project)

Seven Challenges Evaluation: Providence Site

Project DAP (Determining Another Path)

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT) Research Cluster

The Status of Women in Southern Arizona: Indicators of Equity and Opportunity

Mujer Sana-Healthy Women (HIV, STD, TB and Hepatitis B+C Drug Treament Enhancement of Women)

Project CHAT

The Eon Project: Capacity Enhancement to Improve and Integrate Culturally Relevant Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Services

Family Drug Court

Conexiones Sana/Health Connections

Youth Empowerment Project: YEP

Juvenile Detention Public Defender Research Study

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Contact Information

Josephine Korchmaros, Ph.D.
Telephone: 520-621-3330
Office: 925 N. Tyndall Ave.