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Jeri Alexander

About Jeri Alexander

For the past 20 years, Jeri Alexander has contributed to SIROW’s mission of improving the lives of underserved communities through research and action projects. Since joining SIROW in 1999, Jeri has worked on numerous multi-year projects. Recent projects have included a trauma-informed care program for LGBTQ young adults experiencing homelessness, as well as an HIV prevention program focused on LGBTQ youth. Jeri’s responsibilities have ranged from data entry and filing, to curriculum support, meal preparation, site and vehicle maintenance, and assisting with the daily operations of a drop-in space, including welcoming and orienting guests.

Jeri is a certified Peer Support Specialist, an important role that has allowed her to assist SIROW’s program participants in personal and unique ways. Born and raised in Tucson, Jeri also offers valuable knowledge about community resources and services. In addition to her physical contributions, Jeri also brings a spirit of camaraderie to every team. Both in and outside of SIROW, Jeri is committed to serving her community. She is passionate about helping others and is a lover of nature and animals.

Jeri’s areas of expertise include:

  • Data entry, storage, and organization
  • Community resources
  • Peer support
  • UA systems (e.g., copier support, vehicle maintenance, mail service, etc.)
  • Site safety




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Contact Information

Jeri Alexander
Research Technician
Telephone: 520-670-9075
Fax: 520-970-9136
Office: 1037 E. 34th Street Tucson, Arizona 85713