Elizabeth (Libby) Valdez, MPH

About Elizabeth (Libby) Valdez, MPH

Elizabeth Valdez, MPH has conducted training, taught and managed projects that promote health equity for women and girls residing in the Southwest, the U.S.-Mexico border region, and rural Peru. Ms. Valdez also is a Doctor of Public Health student at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona, where she studies maternal and child health.

Her past research experiences have facilitated her development as a skilled mixed methods evaluator trained to explore the complex health needs of women and girls, and how they relate to intervention development, as well as policy and systems change. 

Ms. Valdez has extensive expertise in the development of culturally-, regionally-, and linguistically responsive programming in the areas of life skills, adolescent parenting, sexual and reproductive health, and literacy.

Ms. Valdez has conducted health-related research to inform the implementation of evidence based substance use programs for vulnerable populations. The findings from these projects have yielded critical reports, white papers, manuscripts and webinars on the implementation of evidence-based substance use treatment programming for youth, transitional age youth, and pregnant and postpartum women.

Elizabeth Valdez also has experience conducting community-engaged research, which has afforded her the opportunity to build community partnerships to expand the reach, impact and sustainability of public health research programs for women residing in the Southwest and the U.S.-Mexico border region. 

Ms. Valdez’s subject matter areas of expertise include teaching, training, developing curricula and materials, and designing and implementing projects in the following areas:

Community collaborations and systems change

Sexual health education

Substance use treatment and prevention

U.S.-Mexico border health

Maternal and child health

Immigrant health

Adolescent health

Health advocacy


National Cross-Site Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts and Reclaiming Futures

Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Adolescent Data Project

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Contact Information

Elizabeth (Libby) Valdez, MPH
Research Affiliate
Telephone: 520-295-9339 ext. 213
Fax: 520-434-0336
Office: 181 S. Tucson Blvd, Ste 101


Master of Public Health

DrPH student in Maternal and Child Health

Courses Taught

CPH 405/505: Biology of Public Health

CPH 535: Multicultural Health Beliefs