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Cate Clifton is based out of SIROW Central.  She currently works on the Bridges to Wellness (B-Well) project as a Prevention Specialist and on the Treatment Industrial Complex (TIC) project evaluation as a Research Technician.  Her work has largely involved youth substance use treatment and prevention, as well as sexual health risk reduction.  Many of her current and past projefcts involve working with vulnerable and diverse populations.  On B-Well, an HIV, viral hepatitis and substance use risk reduction grant that targets system-involved youth, Cate is an educator.  She has worked collaboratively with other SIROW folks to adapt SIROW HEY for the specific needs of the B-Well grant.  On the TIC project, she has organized and analyzed existing data from the Arizona branch of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to summarize impact of their efforts to halt corporations moving into community corrections.  She also helped coordinate qualitative data collection for this project.  

Cate has worked on several completed projects as well.  She worked on the Volunteer Telephone Continuing Care (VTCC) project from 2014-2017, collecting youth data over more than 12 months.  VTCC gave her experience working with youth in treatment and corrections, extensive experience navigating systems of care, and certification as a Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) administrator.  The project was a partnership with Chesnut Health Systems, the folks behind GAIN, as well as other evidence-based practices.  From 2015-2018, Cate worked on the SAMHSA-funded Pregnant/Postpartum Women and Adolescent/Young Adult Substance Abuse National Cross-site Evaluation.  She helped create TA webinars for grantees, managed continuing education certifcations for webinars, coordinated data collection efforts across grantees in several states and tribes, and coordinated and prepared billing for this project.  She has helped on other projects as well, programming surveys for SAATURN, the MAP Dashboard project, and the Examination of the Effectiveness of The Seven Challenges for Adults project. 

Outside of SIROW, Cate teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness to youth and young adults in substance use treatment or transitional living facilities.  She is an avid practicioner of meditaton, yoga, and compassion.  She also loves to hike with her dog.

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Cate Clifton
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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Minor in Media Arts