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Allison Dumka reaches over 11,000 K-12 students and educators through Project CHANGE annually, including comprehensive work on instructional design and curriculum development. 
Project CHANGE (Career, Harassment, and Nontraditional Gender Education) is a partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, working to promote gender nontraditional careers and successful professional development in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  
Project CHANGE services include presentations and workshops on the following topics: ending cyberbullying and promoting positive digital citizenship; stopping sexual harassment; gender, CTE, and nontraditional career success; recruiting and retaining gender nontraditional students in CTE classrooms; and Career and Technical Education 101. Any school or community organization can receive Project CHANGE workshops free of charge. More information on available workshops can be found here and Project CHANGE is on facebook @projectchangearizona
Allison is the Program Supervisor for the Women in Science and Engineering Program Girls Who Code ( Girls Who Code is a nationwide program with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology. 8th through 12th grade girls are taught Core4 coding skills, leadership, and team-building by University of Arizona students. To enroll in Girls Who Code, visit
Allison’s additional work includes coordinating the WISE 2017-2018 STEM Mentorship Pipeline program and managing a peer mentorship pilot program at Bisbee High School for girls in construction. 
Ms. Dumka’s former SIROW projects include iSTEM: An Innovative Hybrid Program for Diversifying and Building Capacity in the STEM and ICT Workforce (National Science Foundation Grant, 2012-2017); RTI International cross-site evaluation of grantees receiving funding for substance use treatment for youth, pregnant, and post-partum women; and Southern Arizona Anti-Trafficking United Response Network (SAATURN) communications editing. 
Prior to her work at SIROW, Allison worked in higher education administration (managing a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering Partnership with Johns Hopkins University, including outreach and policy development) and diversity program management at a Fortune 500 company. Her previous work involved high-impact event management, administrative excellence in supply chain management, and a customer service/hospitality emphasis.
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Allison Dumka
Senior Instructional Specialist
Telephone: 520-626-4911
Office: 925 N. Tyndall Avenue, 209